Join the Lucrative Direct Mail Industry 

RSVP has been successfully operating in the $8 billion direct mail marketing industry since 1985, and while there have been some changes, the industry is still growing, even in the digital age. Like digital marketing, direct mail is customizable, affordable and able to target specific demographics depending on what clients need. 

“While many people have predicted the demise of so-called snail mail and associated industries like direct mail marketing, it just hasn’t proven true,” says RSVP Chief Development Officer Mike Cline. “In fact, the numbers show just how relevant direct mail still is in today’s economic climate – and not just with the older demographic.” 

Smart businesses integrate direct mail marketing into their overall advertising strategy and leverage this tactic to gain higher digital engagement.  

Our high-gloss, professionally designed print products have an 84% open rate. The RSVP mailings work because people still want discount offers and coupons for local products and services. In fact, our franchisees report around 86% of their clients renew their contracts annually. 

A Look at the Industry Stats

The numbers:

The direct mail industry is worth an estimated $8 billion 
Over 14% of the nation’s youngest companies – those founded in 2020-2021 – are using direct mail as part of their overall marketing strategy 
More than 65% of millennials like getting restaurant and retail coupons in the mail 
Card packs enjoy an average 84% open rate 

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