Find a retirement job that fits your lifestyle and budgetary needs.

Retirement these days doesn’t necessarily mean receiving a gold watch and filling your days with interesting hobbies. More and more retirees are enjoying an encore career, meaning that they start a new vocation after they retire from their full-time professions.

For many retirees, an encore career may be a necessary financial supplement to your retirement fund, along with healthcare benefits. Or it may be a way to stay active in a career and still have a flexible schedule. Sometimes, retirees just want to do something different, maybe a career that they’ve always wanted to try but never had the time. While the number of people working remotely has dropped since the Covid-19 Pandemic, about one-third of all U.S. workers are remote, and over 12% of job postings specifically mention remote work. If you’re thinking about getting a retirement job, there are some good options that provide great flexibility.

Work-From-Home Retirement Jobs to Consider

While there are many opportunities available to you, we recommend the following five as the best jobs for retirees – all of which can be done remotely!

Education and Tutoring: For retired educators, running a tutoring service can be very rewarding. It allows you to manage a team of teachers who can serve students in a variety of subjects. The work can be completely remote. You manage the team, and you may have the chance to deal one-on-one with students as well.

Customer Service/Virtual Assistant: For both customer service and virtual assistant jobs, you just need a reliable computer and internet connection, good communication skills and your phone. You can work full-time, part-time or as needed depending on your availability. And all can be done from the comfort of your home!

Consulting Services: Financial and management consultation services are very popular. You can choose the number of clients you want to take on. This can be tax or investment services or providing various consulting assistance to businesses. For those who have worked in corporate finance, accounting or management, this is a great 2.0 opportunity to enjoy some additional income by utilizing skills in your wheelhouse.

Home Services: This encompasses anything from painting and decorating to landscaping and home repairs. If you have worked in these service fields, you may want to enjoy running your own company, helping homeowners with any number of services. You can manage your crews from the comfort of your home office, and you’re able to provide hands-on knowledge. Much of what you will do is build a customer base, talk to your clients and arrange service scheduling.

Marketing: Another great retirement job is a work-from-home franchise like RSVP Direct Mail Advertising. We are a proven direct mail marketing solutions provider, driving qualified leads to advertisers for more than 35 years. Starting with our proprietary database, factoring in demographics, home values, expenditures, income, lifestyle data and more, we target qualified leads proven to convert.

RSVP Direct Mail Advertising is a great encore career opportunity for those who:

  • Possess skills in sales and/or marketing,
  • Are organized,
  • Have and entrepreneurial spirit,
  • Are self-motivated, driven, highly social, persistent and communicative with strong business acumen.

Direct mail advertising remains an effective marketing tool. Our high-gloss, full-color, professionally designed print products have an 84% open rate. The RSVP mailings work because people still like getting discount offers and coupons for local products and services delivered right to their mailbox. In fact, our franchisees report around 86% of their customers renew their contracts annually.

If you are a retiree looking for your next opportunity, then consider running a home-based direct mail marketing franchise that keeps your weekends free and allows you to build your own schedule through the week. Let’s get your retirement job launched with RSVP Direct Mail Advertising.